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Senior Pastor Daniel Ho was born to a Christian family in Hong Kong. He was a pharmacist, running his own business for 16 years in Perth, before his life transforming encounter with the Lord in 1991. In 1994, he entered into full-time ministry and joined the pastoral team of the church which was then known as Full Gospel Assembly Perth. He was later appointed Senior Pastor in 2000, overseeing both the English and Chinese congregations. Daniel has a strong passion for evangelism, teaching and discipleship. His vision is to equip the saints with a strong foundation on the Word of God and strongly advocates that every believer is called to be a priest and minister of the Lord. He frequently travels to various countries in Asia to train and equip pastors and leaders.

Pastor Judith Ho was born in Hong Kong and raised in a family of five siblings. She came over to Perth in 1977 to join her husband Daniel. In 1991, she was wonderfully saved by the grace of God and began to attend the Chinese congregation. Through a divine appointment, she was later called by the Lord to serve as a pastor to the Chinese congregation. Judith’s passion is to reach out to the Chinese people in Perth and has a special burden in her heart for elderly migrants. She is often found utilising her interests in cooking, gardening and craft work as tools for evangelism.

Daniel and Judith have been married for more than 40 years and together they have three sons, Sunny, Trevor and Matthew and are grandparents to Isaac and Lucas.

主任牧師Daniel Ho出生於香港的基督徒家庭。他曾是一名藥劑師,在柏斯擁有自己的生意16年,直到1991年,他的生命因著與主相遇而轉變。1994年,他在當時的「柏斯全備福音教會」開始了全職服事並加入了教牧團隊。接著於2000年被任命為主任牧師,負責監督中英文教會。 何牧師對於傳福音、教導和門徒訓練有著強烈的熱情。 他的異象是裝備聖徒,使他们在上帝的話語中建立稳固的根基,並強力地主張每一個信徒都是被主呼召 的祭司和僕人。 他經常前往亞洲各地培訓裝備牧師和領袖。

牧師Judith Ho出生於香港,並在五個兄弟姐妹的家庭中長大。 她於1977年隨她的丈夫Daniel來到柏斯。 因著上帝的恩典,她的生命在1991年奇妙得救,並開始在中文堂參加聚會。在上帝的引領下,她後來被主呼召作中文堂的牧師。 Judith的熱情是向柏斯的华人傳福音。 對於年長的移民,她的心裡也有著特別的負擔。 她常使用她的興趣如烹飪、園藝和手工藝,作為傳福音的工具。

Daniel 和Judith已經結婚了40多年,他們有三個兒子Sunny、Trevor和Matthew,也有两位儿孙Isaac和Lucas。


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Pastor Judy has served this local church as a pastor for the past 17 years. Her passion is to make authentic disciples of every believer, so that they will be able to fulfil God’s purpose. Judy’s previous experience in the marketplace has given her a clear advantage to be the Young Adults and Mission pastor. Her willingness to be used by God began as a volunteer in a church in New Zealand, then a humanitarian organisation, and now a full time minister. Her understanding of God’s unique calling for each person motivates her to disciple and raise leaders wherever she is. She loves to evangelize, encourage and equip people to serve their communities as salt and light. Judy has a heart for praying, giving and going to the nations to share the love of Christ. She is a strong believer in the power of the Holy Spirit’s anointing upon team ministry, raising and releasing leaders to reach their full potential.

Judy牧师自2000年就开始牧养这当地教会。她的熱情是使每一個信徒都成為真正的門徒,使他們能夠實現上帝的旨意。 Judy牧師過去在商業領域的經驗,使她可以更贴切地带领刚踏入社会不久的初成年信徒。Judy牧师 最初開始願意被神所使用的時候,是在紐西蘭的一間教會做志工。她接著去了人道救援組織,直到現在在教会的全職服事。 她明白上帝對每個人有著獨一無二的呼召,因此促使她無論在哪裡都積極地從事于培训门徒和栽培领袖。她熱愛傳福音、鼓勵和裝備人們,使他們能在社區中侍奉、作鹽作光。 Judy牧师对于各国的代祷,奉献,和宣教有着一颗热枕的心,为的是要向万国宣扬基督的爱。她深信有着圣灵恩膏事工团队的大能,必定可以在团队当中兴起并差遣领袖,使他们发挥最大潜能。



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Pastor Koon Hee entered full-time ministry in 1994 where he served as a church administrator and ministerial staff in Malaysia. After four years, God led him into the pastoral ministry where he continues to be actively involved in pastoral work. Koon Hee graduated from the Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS) in Penang, Malaysia with B.Th and MA in Pastoral Studies. He also holds a Diploma in Holistic Child Development with MBTS and Compassion International as well as a Diploma in Community Service (Case Management) Australia. Koon Hee is currently the Family Pastor of Kingdom Light while also overseeing the Church’s Administration, Excelerate Children's Ministry and Impact Training Ministry. He is married to Jean and they have two children, Stephen and Charity. The family actively serves together and are involved in a number of ministries in the church.



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Elder Hock Cheng has been part of this local house since the late 80s. The expression of his Kingdom living includes practising as a consultant dermatologist in both the private and public sectors. He is married to Mabel who stewards a private legal practice as its principal solicitor. Hock Cheng enjoys the grace granted him to walk, run and stand with young people so that they are able to discover and fulfil their Kingdom potential in and for Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ).