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Connect 360 is a gathering of families in small groups.

We encompass a 360 degree all around inclusion based on biblical perspectives. Coming together as a family, we enjoy the fellowship of believers and welcome friends to connect with us as we share our lives by supporting and encouraging each other.

We meet in various homes and venues on different days throughout the week. We often share family activities and meal-time fellowship. As we journey through life together we hope to edify one another through worship, the sharing of the Word and prayers, meeting the spiritual needs and pastoral care of the family. We are equipped and empowered to serve one another and the Lord together. 

Connecting with Family

We forge close relationships with those whom we see as family.

Connecting with Friends

We build and strengthen friendships by sharing testimonies, celebrations and thanksgiving.

Connecting with Church

We seek to make Sunday sermons applicable and a reality in our lives.

Connect with God

We pray, praise and worship to maintain and grow our relationship with God.


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