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Our story

Our journey begins over thirty years ago when God shared His plans with two brothers to minister and impact overseas students. Together with a small group of believers,  this vision was fulfilled and Full Gospel Assembly Perth (FGAP) was birthed forth. 


Since 1988, they built on the foundation of God’s unchanging Word and unconditional Love of ‘Agape’. God’s Holy Spirit moved and transformed many lives.


Today, the fruit of those who have given selflessly is evident amongst our family. Former students have remained to serve Perth’s community and many others have become part of the family along the way. From FGAP to Kingdom Light, with a new vision and direction, we continue to grow in strength. 


As we look to the future, our prayer is to be a multigenerational community of fervent followers of Jesus Christ. We will continue our journey to follow Him closely and reach people with His amazing love.


We thank God for our story and look forward to the journey ahead! 

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